Molnos, A. (1998): A psychotherapist's harvest



As explained in the introduction, this chapter is meant to be a guide to the A to Z entries. It attempts to review the essence of psychoanalytically based psychotherapy for those readers who are new to it and who have not yet studied the theoretical issues involved, nor have practical experience of such therapy.


Attitude, rapport, therapeutic and working alliance
Boundaries, therapeutic situation and the four triangles
Precipitating event and the beginning phase
Presenting problem, our social nature and the current relationship
Motivation and resistance
Defences, anxiety and true feeling (DAX)
Past relationships: parents, siblings and others
Loss and abandonment
Repression, the unconscious and verbalization
Ego-strength and the self
Assessment, exclusion and selection criteria
Neurosis, psychosis, borderline and acting out
Here-and-now, non-verbal signals, confrontation and healing anger
Transference, regression, working through and countertransference
Interpretations, insight
Aims of analytic psychotherapies
Time in psychotherapy, longer therapies and lengthening factors
Brief dynamic psychotherapy or BDP and prejudices towards it
Group-analytic psychotherapy and prejudices towards it
Language: its importance for psychotherapy

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